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137 570 trees planted in October

By on 9 december, 2016

In October, we added 137,570 more trees to our database. We are only about 115,000 trees away from reaching our first milestone of one million trees planted (but if we count donated trees, we have already reached our milestone). This may not seem like a big number for a tree planting company that has been active […]

Från en entreprenörs synvinkel

By on 30 juli, 2016

Uppstart Vad kostar det att starta din verksamhet, vilka investeringar krävs? Hur stor är det steg du måste ta? Utveckling Vad har du för möjligheter att utvecklas, lokalt och i ett bredare perspektiv, är du beroende av andra företag, myndigheter eller språk Omsättning Vad behöver du för att gå ”break even”, kostar det mer att […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 10

By on 11 december, 2014

10. Know what is more valuable than material possessions This is a HUGE one that we all know and have heard many times I am sure but living in the 21st century in a world dominated by media influences, it can be difficult to not get drawn in to material things. Something I like to do […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 9

By on 10 december, 2014

9. Be present We hear this one all of the time but really, stop and think about how present you are right in this moment. Monks are so aware of being present in this moment as it is the only moment we can be sure of. If we learn to do our best, act our best, […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 8

By on 9 december, 2014

8. Happiness Starts from within It will be cynical to assume that happiness is only based on the spiritual side of life. Family and friends, music, books, hobbies, all of these form part of your journey. However, you cannot enjoy anything if you are not happy internally. Once you reach happiness from within it will manifest […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 7

By on 8 december, 2014

7. Fight the enemy within Just as the answers reside within ourselves, so does our biggest enemy. You might think your biggest enemy is your boss or the bully at school, but it’s not. You are the one that gives power to your fears and insecurities. Before you can accomplish anything you need to tackle the […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 6

By on 7 december, 2014

6. Forget about what other people think Society has a way of programming our egos. We are constantly aware of what other people might be thinking or saying about us. Feeding the ego is by no means healthy and even though we think it results in happiness, we are greatly mistaken. Keeping your ego happy doesn’t mean that […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 4

By on 5 december, 2014

4. Know the power of impermanence Impermanence is one of the most important buddhist teachings and one that must be fully understood and accepted in order to fully understand life. NOTHING IS PERMANENT and the sooner you understand what this really means and accept this, you will be able to live a life filled with less expectation […]

10 Tips on Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 1

By on 1 december, 2014

Is there any doubt that people are searching for happiness in the wrong places? Reaching a fulfilled lifestyle is much more than just a beautiful home or modern car. It’s about connecting with yourself on more than just a conscious level. Buddhist Monks have obviously figured this out because instead of chasing material value they […]

”Alla dagar som kom och gick, inte visste jag att det var livet”

By on 11 juni, 2014

Läs det igen: ”Alla dagar som kom och gick, inte visste jag att det var livet” Vad tänker du när du läser detta? Själv läste jag det idag på morgonen, och så var jag lite senare på Lasarettet med min dotter för en uppföljning av en öroninflammation som hon haft. När vi väl är där, […]